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Now booking from September through December 2019, please read through the form carefully before applying. Incomplete application will not be accepted.

Please note the following before applying:

  • From September through December I will only be tattooing two days a week, Tuesday and Sunday. Make sure you are able to take one of these days off before requesting an appointment.

  • Due to the volume of emails it may take a month to receive a reply, have patience, I can’t wait to get in touch!

  • Tattoos are for everyone, all skin tones, body types, genders are welcome.

  • I charge a flat hourly rate of $150/hour, you will be quoted a time frame upon booking your appointment.

  • You must be 18+ to be tattooed

  • If requesting flash, please include the number as posted alongside the flash piece. All available flash are included in my instagram highlights

  • Please write as thorough a description of your ideas as possible, the more information the better.

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